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Where my heart is? | Children’s Science Reader Book


“Where My Heart Is” is an interactive and engaging e-reader book that teaches young children about the human heart. With beautiful illustrations and easy-to-understand explanations, this book is perfect for introducing young children to the concept of how the heart works. From the different parts of the heart to how it pumps blood throughout the body, this book covers it all in a way that is both fun and educational. With interactive features that bring the content to life, “Where My Heart Is” is sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike. Get your child on the path to understanding their own heart with this exciting and informative e-book.

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Where my heart is?

Did you ever think “Where my heart is?” or “Where is it located in my body?”

In this science book, you will learn answers to many questions in a simple and fun way.

In this science reader kids will learn about:

Where is my heart is located in my body? What are its functions? What are it parts? How does the lung help? What are chambers? What are the names of the chambers? How does blood flow to the whole body?

All these questions and some more will be answered in this fun little book. At the end there are some very interesting facts.

Read this little Children’s Science Reader Book which is full of beautiful images and big learning for little brains.

Find answers about Where my heart is? and where is it located in my body? in this beautiful, simple and yet informative reader.

Heart is the most essential part of our body, and children learn early on how important it is. To little ones, our body can be mysterious and magical. It helps the blood to circulate in our whole body, henceforth it keeps the blood clean.

Exploring the science of our body through hands-on activities therefore is a fun way to learn. It also creates ways for children to gain an understanding of how our heart works. Children can learn how deoxygenated blood gets oxygenated, and how it travels in our whole body. Parents and teachers can introduce science of the human body in an engaging way.

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