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“What Is Sound” is an interactive and engaging children’s book that teaches young readers about the science of sound. Through colorful illustrations and easy-to-understand explanations, this book explores the basics of sound waves, how they are created and how they travel.

This book is the perfect tool for parents and educators looking to introduce children to the world of sound in a fun and interactive way. Order “What Is Sound” today and give your child the opportunity to explore the science of sound and how it impacts their everyday life.

Find out what is sound and how sound travels through different materials such as solid, liquid and gas. This Children’s Science Reader Book is filled with colourful and lots of interesting information for young minds.

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What is Sound?

Did you ever wonder “What is Sound?”. In this science book, you will discover the answers to lots of exciting questions in an easy and enjoyable way!

Let the curious minds explore Science.

Learn the answers in the book “What is Sound?”

Children are able to learn answers of simple questions like: How does it travel? What are vibrations? What is wave?  How do we hear?  Can waves travel through solids, liquid or gas?

Can your kid tell the answer of why sound waves cannot travel through space? Email us your answer and join in the lucky draw for a free eBook!

Find answers about sound in this beautiful, simple and yet informative science reader.

Sound is an important part of our lives and kids learn quickly how it affects their daily activities. To little ones, it can be mysterious and magical. It helps them to hear everything during the day, henceforth play outdoors in the warm sunshine.

It also creates ways for children to gain an understanding of how it works. Children can learn how it moves around through the air as waves and vibrations, and how it travels from one object to their ears. With a few simple supplies, parents and teachers can introduce science of sound in an engaging way.

This science reader explains how sound is a wave, how it behaves like a wave, and how we hear in a simple yet fun and engaging way. Audio waves are able to travel through air due to vibrations and when it reaches our ear drums, we can listen to sounds. You will be able to learn how to draw waves, and how to draw sound waves.

Want to get most of this book? Try the Classic Paper Cup and String Phone experiment with your children to add more fun and learning after reading the book.

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